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"With operations spread across Middle-East and Africa, we needed a consolidated reporting tool to help us close our books quickly and to adapt to our changing business needs. With the Al-Futtaim Technologies solution, previously scattered data is now available for real time analysis. We chose Al-Futtaim Technologies as it met our expectations and easily integrated the ERP solution with our existing 3rd party applications for workflow and budget control. "


Emad Zaid - Lamnalco Group


Al-Futtaim Technologies now offers Microsoft Dynamics AX which is a comprehensive business management solution, also called ERP-solution, for midsize and larger organizations that works like and with familiar Microsoft software. Microsoft Dynamics AX is built to make it easy to do business across locations and countries, by consolidating and standardizing processes, helping to improve productivity, providing visibility across your organization, and helping to simplify compliance.


Al-Futtaim Technologies has several years of experience and satisfied customers using Microsoft Dynamics GP, a comprehensive business management solution that helps companies adapt to new opportunities and continued growth. Designed for how people really work, Microsoft Dynamics GP equips your people to keep pace with the competition, manage changing markets, enable unique business requirements, and connect the full range of business processes across your organization.


Al-Futtaim Technologies offers you a flexible and easy-to-use CRM solutions designed by Microsoft for your industry vertical

  • Gain in-depth customer knowledge and simplify cross-team collaboration to enhance customer service and citizen satisfaction.
  • Get access to relevant, intuitive tools to improve productivity and achieve your goals.
  • Take advantage of a single, flexible solution that meets the specific needs of different departments or teams.


All organization are encouraged to install business processes - financial management, manufacturing, distribution, human resources, project management etc - to streamline their operations and improve the bottom-line. However, over time, these processes can become laden with inefficiencies that make them inadequate and ineffective to handle future growth. Al-Futtaim Technologies enables customers to overcome their process hurdles with a modular and customizable solution that unifies processes across the business and builds personalized customer relationships to drive profitability.


Al Futtaim Technologies, one of the region’s leading system integrators, is part of the Al Futtaim Group. With a strong pedigree and respected leadership position, the company, as both system integrator and business solution provider, possesses a highly skilled and professional workforce with many years of combined experience. Working with both SMB and Enterprise Customers, the key focus is on understanding customer’s business environments and delivering value.


Small and medium businesses often suffer from problems found in large enterprises with the exception of the magnitude of the challenge. The scalability of the Al-Futtaim Technologies’ solution makes it suitable for enterprises and small and medium businesses. Decision makers can quickly view a snapshot of the business as well as critical details to determine profitability and performance.


The Al-Futtaim Technologies solution helps employees reap the benefits of an integrated, easy-to-use solution that’s designed to help real people realize their full potential. By integrating key processes and using the web for information delivery, organizations equip employees to access critical data and processes anywhere and anytime. This in turn helps to service customers promptly and plan operations more effectively.

Solution Overview

Al-Futtaim Technologies has the breadth and depth of portfolio to provide all the components needed to help customers streamline processes to enhance business performance and generate revenue. The flexibility, modularity and scalability of the solution allow it to fit the needs of different industries – manufacturing, retail, hospitality, real-estate and financial services etc.


For a manufacturing or engineering business, product quality that determines customer satisfaction is the business driver. To make a product right every time requires an accurate bill of materials (BoM) at the raw material stage. With an easy to use graphical interface, the Al-Futtaim Technologies’ solution empowers companies to track their bills of material with greater accuracy, assess assembly times and maintain better control over the process.


Financial services companies are challenged by increasing regulatory requirements, decreasing margins and demanding customers. Financial institutions unable to identify their most valuable customers and fulfill their unfulfilled needs realize the threat to their bottom-line. The Al-Futtaim Technologies’ relationship management tools empower financial advisors to effectively manage and grow client relationships and capture a greater share of customer wallet.


For retailers, whether a small grocer or large supermarket chain, Al-Futtaim Technologies offers a complete point-of-sale (POS) solution that can manage the store, finances and inventory from a central location. This helps retailers to track customer payments, inventory receipts, and sales transactions while improving operations and reducing costs and double entry.


In the hospitality industry, Al-Futtaim Technologies offers an integrated, multilingual POS and back-office solution for restaurant managers to increase customer satisfaction and receive repeat business. Embedded with tools that offer increased flexibility, speed of service and improved access to information, the solution streamlines operations and reduces costs.


The Al-Futtaim Technologies solution also offers companies in the construction industry to accurately estimate costs, eliminate downtime and effectively manage resources. The solution also helps provide integrated information systems that monitor budget overruns, better manage sub-contractors and keep all teams constantly abreast with the latest developments.


In summary, Al-Futtaim Technologies has the technology and in-depth understanding of issues confronting businesses and related players in the value chain. Its business goal is to help organizations improve customer satisfaction, accelerate business growth and leverage operational efficiency.


Customer Benefits

·        Ease of use that minimizes enterprise downtime while employees become familiar with the interface

·        Leverage investments in existing system infrastructure

·        Suitable for small and medium businesses as well as multi-national enterprises

·        Analyze data in real time to prevent projects from incurring budget overruns

·        Streamline processes to achieve a lower cost of ownership