Contact Center





"The Al-Futtaim Technologies’ contact center solution helps us offer a higher level of service to our members. Becoming more accessible enables us to serve our members better, and underlines the way we are positioning ourselves in the global market."


Basab Banerjee - Head of Technologies, Dubai Gold Commodities Exchange

Customer Benefits

  •   Use as a strategic tool to retain and acquire customers

    ·        Generate revenue through payment transactions (ex: pay bills, buy tickets)

    ·        Cross sell and up sell products and services

    ·         Address complaints and grievances 

  • Businesses in a growing economy are always looking for means to differentiate their offerings. Customer service to retain and acquire customers is integral to this strategy. The ambitions stretch to include an increase in employee productivity, unlock new revenue streams and enhance the quality of customer interactions. The Al-Futtaim Technologies’ Contact Center solution enables companies to increase employee efficiency, engage with their customers in new ways that set them apart from the competition and generate revenue.


    Al Futtaim Technologies, one of the region’s leading system integrators, is part of the Al Futtaim Group. With a strong pedigree and respected leadership position, the company, as both system integrator and business solution provider, possesses a highly skilled and professional workforce with many years of combined experience. Working with both SMB and Enterprise Customers, the key focus is on understanding customer’s business environments and delivering value.


    Today, contact centers are becoming increasingly customer-focused where agents not only resolve customer grievances but also generate revenue. The Al-Futtaim Technologies solution increases agent productivity by automating routine requests and freeing agents for more value-add functions such as cross selling products.


    A proliferation of channels gives companies a variety of opportunities to communicate with their customers – phone, fax, email, postal mail, web-chat, mobile messaging, web, among a few. Not only does the Al-Futtaim Technologies’ solution support all forms of communication but also incorporates functionalities and features ranging from simple automatic call distribution to fully featured multimedia services.


    With a flexible and user-friendly interface, the offering creates additional opportunities for up-selling and new ways to cut costs. That is, the contact center solution adapts to reflect a company’s changing needs and transform from cost center into a profit center.

    Solution Offering

    Any contact center relies on an interaction management system that is capable of supporting new and innovative services and applications. Al-Futtaim Technologies has the breadth and depth of portfolio to provide all the components needed to build a complete and converged contact center.


    The Al-Futtaim Technologies’ solution serves enterprise contact centers with 150 to 5000 agents with features such as voice self-service, assisted-service for every channel, flexible integration options and management insight systems. For medium scale operations, the solution offers contact centers full multimedia capabilities and native integration with computer telephony interface (CTI). Small contact centers that are driven by voice interactions are provided with a starter pack of services. This pack uses the call server to manage contact center capabilities, such as Supervision and Distribution, and can be scaled up to provide enterprise level services quickly.


    Inbound callers are offered the option of connecting directly to an agent or to self-serve through a friendly voice prompt system. The phone enquiry module greets callers in the language of their choice and guides callers through a series of voice prompts and voice recognition. If the customer selects to speak with an agent directly, the agent immediately views the customer history on his screen through the CTI. An email interface enables knowledge workers to review message histories associated with incoming queries to quickly respond to customer queries. A web portal allows customers to access a vast knowledgebase to answer their queries without the need of a human interface. Contact centre managers employ the online reporting dashboard to review agent productivity and effectiveness.

    The contact center solution is supplied with a standard set of business applications to minimize business downtime. Al-Futtaim Technologies has collaborated with leading software vendors to integrate with a best in class customer relationship management (CRM) suite to offer additional business applications. The CRM suite ensures smooth coordination between the contact center and back office branches and departments, to ensure timely response to customer requests. Simplified routing and reporting across voice, e-mail, and Web interactions, coupled with integrated self service, ensure that customers and stakeholders are quickly connected to the right resource – the first time around.