"We were looking for a solution provider who could deliver all services and be a single point of contact. With its prompt customer service and short turnaround time, Al-Futtaim Technologies proved to be a natural choice."


Syed Anisuddin, Head of IT, Fujairah National Group

 Organizations today struggle with rigid infrastructures that make it difficult and expensive to respond to business demands. Their IT environments are fragmented with dedicated systems for applications, operating systems and networks and which inhibit overall operating efficiency. Al-Futtaim Technologies infrastructure solutions create a flexible, service-oriented network that enables customers to deliver a sustainable set of innovative and secure services to maximize return on investment. 

Al Futtaim Technologies, one of the region’s leading system integrators, is part of the Al Futtaim Group. With a strong pedigree and respected leadership position, the company, as both system integrator and business solution provider, possesses a highly skilled and professional workforce with many years of combined experience. Working with both SMB and Enterprise Customers, the key focus is on understanding customer’s business environments and delivering value.


Businesses often spend too much time and budget maintaining their systems and can direct the limited resources to focus on customer service and innovation. Companies that move to a service oriented infrastructure experience a dramatic reduction in costs, improvements in quality of service and significant change in ability to differentiate. The Al-Futtaim Technologies’ solution helps customers to automate processes, virtualize technology, and leverage service management solutions. This increases the customer’s infrastructure flexibility and reduces operating costs.


Al-Futtaim Technologies’ solution addresses the entire infrastructure life cycle, right from engagement and business design to delivery and operation. Drawing upon expertise in multiple domains, technologies, tools, and platforms, the company employs the latest available methodologies to develop, implement, and deliver solutions configured to order for customers. It continuously improves its service capabilities and delivery through strategic vendor alliances, continuous professional development and employee certification to enable seamless customization.

Solution Overview

A constantly changing, competitive marketplace creates an overly complex IT infrastructure. To simplify it, Al-Futtaim Technologies recommends the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) - an architectural style where existing or new functionalities are grouped into atomic services. The services communicate with each other by passing data from one service to another, or by coordinating an activity between one or more services. This new architecture gives businesses the flexibility to rapidly deploy new applications in an economical manner.

To facilitate the move to Service Oriented Architecture, Al-Futtaim Technologies offers:

Server Infrastructure – Servers support mission critical applications and functions and it is necessary that these business critical systems remain secure, highly available, and reliable. A server infrastructure solution incorporates but is not limited to Directory services, Server consolidation, Business continuity & disaster recovery.


Storage Solutions – Al Futtaim Technologies helps organizations in implementing a cost effective storage solution and provide a centralized and efficient management tool. This resource optimized solution makes the most of existing infrastructure as well as leaves room for future investments. This includes DAS, SAN and NAS, as well as Tape Library solution.


Messaging Solutions – Electronic messaging systems are critical to all business today to the extent that businesses rely on their electronic messaging systems more than their existing telephone system. With this in mind, Al-Futtaim Technologies has developed expertise and experience that contributes to streamline communications for customers and lead to increased productivity.


Server-based Computing – A server-based computing environment allows businesses to extend the life of the desktop and significantly reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO). As a result of this model, organizations have enterprise-level access to applications, centralized management, remote access, mobility, rapid deployment and disaster recovery.


Network Communications –In today’s technologically advanced work environments, networks form the lifeline of your business. Without optimized and dependable communication, an organization may not survive resource overload or a malicious attack. Al-Futtaim Technologies ensures that every component in your business’ ICT infrastructure communicates securely, effectively, and efficiently. Our solution offering covers IP telephony, Network Security, Routing & Switching and VPN & Mobility.


Customer Benefits

·        Optimize capacity, gain visibility and improve management of infrastructure resources.

·        Application- and services aware dynamic bandwidth allocation to ensure a high quality user experience for all applications

·        Significantly improve efficiency by consolidating applications and databases on fewer, more powerful servers

·        Secure critical data by improving the storage provisioning for business continuance

·        Virtualization technology provides the benefits of reduced management effort, improved capabilities and interoperability