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"Dubai Festival City offers guests and residents an unparalleled experience in the UAE. The development is powered by a portfolio of world-class technology solutions that range from voice and data infrastructure and cabling through to sophisticated city management software.  Al-Futtaim Technologies plays a pivotal role in designing the technology architecture, evaluating and selecting the best solutions and bringing all of these components together to ensure that the needs of our city, stores and guests are met."

Tom Miles, Senior Retail Manager, Dubai Festival City



Modern day real-estate development is being driven by market trends – a growing population demanding more personalized services, building owners looking to unlock new revenues and government agencies further regulating efficient utility usage. Al-Futtaim Technologies blends technology – infrastructure, data and voice – with building management systems to create a building that is simultaneously safer and more productive for its occupants and more operationally efficient for its owners.
Al Futtaim Technologies, one of the region’s leading system integrators, is part of the Al Futtaim Group. With a strong pedigree and respected leadership position, the company, as both system integrator and business solution provider, possesses a highly skilled and professional workforce with many years of combined experience. Working with both SMB and Enterprise Customers, the key focus is on understanding customer’s business environments and delivering value.
Property developers planning for a single converged network eliminate the installation cost associated with multiple, independent infrastructures for building management systems. These buildings can then be brought to market more quickly and at lower overall costs. Al-Futtaim Technologies specializes in designing flexible infrastructures that enable the convergence of conventional data network services with building management systems
Studies indicate that over 75% of the overall lifecycle cost of a building lies in the post-construction operating cost. Al-Futtaim Technologies real estate solution leverages the power of the network to enable centralized management and data driven decisions, leading to a more cost efficient building operating environment.

Solutions Overview

The Al-Futtaim Technologies’ offering brings together a range of best in class solutions that makes us a single point provider for all technology needs for your business.

Intelligent Building Management Systems
Car Park Management System
CCTV System – IP and Analog
Audio Visual Equipment
Public Address & Back Ground Music
Digital Signage Systems
Security & Access Control System
Lighting Solutions
Facility Management Systems
IP Building Management System
City Management System

Voice and Data Infrastructure
Structured Cabling Solutions
Fiber to the Desk
Network & Data Storage
TDM & IP Communication

Business Applications
Property management
Lease management

Technology Strategy & Solution Development
Design & Consultancy
Project Management & Systems Integration

Intelligent Building Management systems bring the air-conditioning, fire control systems, car park, audio-visual, security control etc to report to a centralized control center. In case of an event, unscheduled or routine, the control center commands these systems to work like a cohesive unit at the simple flip of a switch.
Al-Futtaim Technologies unites all key functions onto a simplified, flexible, and scalable IP network that forms the fabric of every building. The network runs on an intelligent Ethernet cabling system that allows building LANs to intelligently prioritize real-time communications. Through this IP network, buildings deliver telephony, voice, video, data and collaborative tools for increased productivity. This converged network can now serve as the foundation of a managed services platform with a single management system integrated with building management sub-systems.
Buildings can be further enhanced with visitor management services, interactive kiosks, and digital signage to generate new revenues and improve the user experience. Fee-based services can be turned on and off as needed, providing the ultimate flexibility for multi-tenant spaces. This untapped revenue potential is a brand new differentiating factor for building owners, who instead of competing through location and lease rates differentiate their offering based on service provisioning.
A comprehensive ERP suite, included in the Al-Futtaim Technologies’ vision for real-estate, provides for property management of commercial and residential complexes. It streamlines all the common property management processes such as accounts payable and accounts receivables invoicing, expense management, maintenance management, and project accounting.
Customer Benefits
  • Reduce CAPEX and OPEX and optimize building management and operations
  • Generate new revenue streams through new tenant services
  • Achieve visibility, transparency and control over your real-estate portfolio
  • Enhance the safety and security by transforming the way people and assets are protected.
  • Utilize the IP network for long term economic savings